I Always, Always Get My Way

I always get my way I Always, Always Get My Way I Always, Always Get My Way by Thad Krasnesky, David Parkins, illustrator, is hilarious.  Three-year-old Emmy  gets into all kinds of sticky situations, but she wiggles and pouts her way out, because, after all––she’s only three.  Big brother and sister get in trouble for Emmy’s wild behavior, and their patience begins to wear thin.  When Steve, the Iguana, mysteriously escapes his cage and the over-flowing bathtub, Emmy is finally sent to her room.  Even her sweetest plea to mom and dad, “Don’t blame me.  Did you forget?  I’m only three!” can’t save her this time!

This book will be a favorite for years to come.  The illustrations are amazing and children (and adults) will be eager to turn page after page.

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