book ResourcesDon’t let the title fool you!  This book by Edna Wallace celebrates Summer with all of its sizzle but also includes themes to add magic throughout the year!  It outlines 38 different themes and more than 230 activities you can choose from which are specific to summer and after school programs.

SUMMER SIZZLERS: The first half of the book is devoted to activities for summer programs, with 19 themes offering more than 125 activities.

Summer Sizzler themes include * Beach Party * Create A Commercial * Flower Power * Mystery * Outdoor Games * Traveling Tourists * Un-Birthday Party * Winter in July * and More!

MAGIC MONDAYS: The second “book in a book” has more than 105 activities covering 19 themes for the hours children spend in a program after school.

Magic Mondays themes include * Backwards Day * Clowning Cut-Up * Dazzling Drama * Munchie Day * Puzzle Power  * * * * Recycle Day * Woodworking * You’re a Winner * and More!

Learn how to make a Smelly Collage or how to play Wagon Wheel Tag.  Try Career Charades, Soap Balls, and Yogurt Sundae Squares.

SUMMER SIZZLERS & MAGIC MONDAYS is published by Gryphon House,

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